What Will Teaching Look Like?

1 Aug


The video called Teaching in the 21st Century can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTIBDR4Dn2g&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_992282.  This video highlighted the changes in education due to technology and then proceeded to ask questions about the future.  Teaching methods and tools are evolving to accommodate technology in the classroom.   Curriculum and state standards will change as well as some subjects become irrelevant in our society.  Technology is revolutionizing education to make learning more engaging and applicable to students.  The possibilities are endless!

 New concept/ idea:

This video made me think about the goal of education: meaningful learning for students.  If technology can help accomplish this goal, then I as a teacher need to be on board and bring it into my classroom on as many levels as I can.  The video addressed a common fear that teachers have regarding technology in the classroom and that is how to manage it.  I loved how the video stated that technology tools such as cell phones, laptops, and Twitter accounts should be managed just like pencils, paper, and crayons.  It’s not the tool itself that is the problem, but the temptation to misuse it.  This was a very freeing idea for me and I feel confident that if my students are taught how to use technology tools, we will be able to accomplish amazing things as a class.

 My Response:

I am more motivated than ever to bring technology into my classroom to provide engaging learning experiences for my students.  The world is changing and educators should be supportive and knowledgeable about these changes.  I don’t want to hold my students back or hinder them because I haven’t taken the time to familiarize myself with these various tools.  I want my students to learn how to conduct themselves appropriately online, properly use search engines for research, and to use tools to find the answers to questions they have.  I’m excited to blaze the technology trail with my students this school year!


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