Technology in the 21st Century

31 Jul


The video entitled 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada can be found at:  This video basically highlights how technology is not only changing the world, but it is happening fast.  These advances in technology are directly impacting education and the video emphasizes these changes in New Brunswick public schools.  The message of the video is positive and sheds light on where education is heading due to technology.  Schools are going to have to evolve accordingly to keep up. 

 Interesting/new idea:

I was amazed at a statistic that was included in the video stating that today’s top ten jobs did not exist in 2oo4.  I was also surprised to realized that some of the greatest changes in technology have occurred in my lifetime.   This fostered a deep sense of respect in my heart to the generation of individuals who have not been raised in this era and who have had to greatly adjust accordingly. 

 My response:

As an educator, I want to be accepting, not resistant to change.  It is my responsibility to model lifelong learning and professional as well as developmental growth in all areas, including technology.  State standards, curriculum, and skills that we teach now may not be relevant soon.  I am excited about what education will look like in the next five years, and I’m sure I will be even more amazed at how school will look for students in ten years.  I think the best is yet to be!


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