Global Learning in Kindergarten

17 Jul

The article entitled, I heard them say, Love is the Way, was written by Miss Knight and can be found at her fabulous blog:


This article was written by a technology-savvy Canadian kindergarten teacher who began a project with her class called Kindergarten Around the World.  Miss Knight’s class liked up with another kindergarten class in East Borneo, Indonesia to create a virtual exchange.  The classes created an imaginary kindergarten student named Ella.  Both of the classes voted on her appearance and interests which was a collaboration of the two countries.  Through the use of Twitter and other forms of technology, the classes were able to communicate.  What they learned from each other was incredible!  The students gained insight on maps and globes skills, weather, time zones, culture and history facts of each country, and so much more.  Not only did the students gain knowledge about life in another country, they formed close friendships with their partner school.  These kindergartens expressed concern and care when they learned about tsunamis and how they are a threat to the lives of those in Indonesia.  The author teacher was amazed at the valuable life lessons her students learned as a result of an academic project.

 New/interesting idea:

While reading this article I was very impressed by the fact that the students who participated in this project were in kindergarten!  This is definite proof that we live in an age of technology natives.  Even five year olds can interact with technology at advanced levels.  I love how the teacher made this project so academic and yet fun at the same time.  This is something I could easily incorporate into my own classroom when we study continents, maps, and globes!  I think it’s great the students kept a journal and even math was integrated into this project through the activity of graphing the weather.  What a fabulous idea!

 My response:

I am already thinking of ways to use this idea in my own classroom.  Students really do learn from each other.  What this kindergarten class gained from this project they never would have from a normal textbook.  Learning became real to them when they were able to interact with students in a different county.  I think it’s wonderful that technology has brought us to this place where we can connect with people from around the world.  I want my students to think globally and foster an curiosity and concern for their peers in other countries.  I can’t wait to research how I can do this in my own classroom!


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